Blessings For All

Blessings For All

Your Son, Your Only Son

Every believer experiences the testing of faith. Sometimes our faith is tested by circumstances.  Other times our faith is tested by God’s commands. As we look at the testing of Abraham’s faith in Genesis 22, we discover some valuable truths about the nature of true faith, and the God whom we put our trust in.

Faith Not Fear

Movies typically present people in black and white terms – the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. Abraham is the presented as the paradigm of righteousness in Genesis 15 – the “good guy” – but that is not the picture we get in Genesis 20. In Genesis 20 we observe the actions and character of two very different men,…

Justice and Righteousness

Justice and Righteousness (Genesis 18-19) Many will argue that we are basically good. Genesis 18-19 challenge that basic premise. Sodom is by any objective measure a wicked city. So, how should a just and righteous God respond to the wickedness of Sodom? And how should He respond to us, for whilst we may not be as wicked as the residents of Sodom in Abraham’s time,…